Towards Nature Permaculture Landscaping

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We are a Permaculture Design, Consultancy and Landscaping company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Our passion is creating naturally balanced environments and sustainable lifestyle, which is based on Permaculture concept.



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Tayfun Yalcin, Founder at Towards Nature Permaculture Landscaping, posted

Permaculture Impact on Schools, Europa School Transformation

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Our children are growing on paved, 2 dimentional and disconnected school environments. We are here to change that. With our passion Permaculture concept, we designed and created a new style of school garden, which doesn't exist in Amsterdam and if we are not wrong in the Netherlands. It was not the first of our school design/implementation. Laterna Magica School in IJburg Amsterdam is also another example.

You can find further info, photos, videos on our website. We need help from all aware people to inform schools about our services that we can have more impact on our environment and children's connection with nature

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