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Innovation at Waternet
Sustainability is one of Waternet’s most important principles and the inspiration for a lot of research and innovation. By 2020, Waternet wants to be climate-neutral: to reduce CO2-emissions as much as possible and, if there is no other option, to offset them.

Waternet aims to reclaim energy and raw materials from the water cycle and to minimise waste through reuse. Waternet anticipates climate change by introducing measures to prevent and reduce floods and water damage, drought, heat and the consequences of floods. Click on the annual report and have a look at our recent innovation projects.



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Otto Reinstra, Strategy advisor at Waternet, posted

More and more hospitals switch to district heating

Enkele jaren geleden stapte het VU MC als eerste Nederlandse ziekenhuis over op stadswarmte. Sindsdien hebben nog meer medische instellingen de overstap gemaakt, waaronder het LUMC, MC Slotervaart, het Maasstad Ziekenhuis, het AMC en daarnaast de bloedbank Sanquin Amsterdam.
Verder zit Sanquin samen met Waternet in het Europese City-zen project om te gaan koelen met koude uit drinkwater.

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