Empowering citizens: social learning through prototyping with open data

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There is a clear gap between the opportunities offered by the availability of open data and the citizens’ capability to use such data in the context of their daily lives. In the recently completed Open4Citizens (O4C) project we have developed a new approach for empowering citizens to use open data as a means for initiating and performing bottom-up initiatives in the city. In this process, we have leveraged the principles of social science and the values of the maker culture.

Our research performed in five large European cities over the course of two years has led to development of a framework for 'citizen hackathons', and initiation of the European Network of Open Data Labs.

In the talk I will use this work to elaborate on the intertwined processes of social learning, community formation and prototyping of new products and services using open data, and the opportunities of involving citizens as 'smart agents' of transition towards smart cities.

dr. Tomasz Jaskiewicz, assistant professor, Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft.

The presented work has been funded through Horizon2020 Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation (CAPS) programme. For more information on project and partners see http://open4citizens.eu, and stay tuned to https://noodl.eu for more upcoming information on the European Network of Open Data Labs.