Play the City: Circular City Game Training

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Explore circular city strategies through an interactive gaming method.

Learn about working circular city development through Play the City method. We welcome teams that have a serious interest in circularity. In an interactive, multi-actor environment you can test your ideas, build ‘circular city’ scenarios and exchange knowledge with your peers.

Are you an engineer, investor, urbanist, project developer, politician or a non-profit organization? Would you like to know how Buikslotherham neighborhood engages influential stakeholders to enable exchange of knowledge on circular urban transition through a city game?

City-gaming is a working method that allows participants to collaborate, learn and experiment in a realistic yet safe environment. This method allows experts to step outside their usual environment to think freely about ideas and scenarios that might help integrate clean technologies and urban metabolisms for overcoming the complexity of circular transformation.

There are no prescriptive scenarios or solutions. The game training serves players who, with their real-life expertise and experience, create scenarios based on tested policies. Then they assess their decision with and against other players. It is fast-paced and competitive, yet there are no winners and losers — everyone learns!

In this training, we present The Circular City game - a game that merges clean technologies and urban development principles. Built to become applicable both at the institutional and household level, the game’s dynamic relies on the principles of renewable sourcing, repair, reuse and recycling of materials, biodiversity, and attractive human-scale built environment.

By learning about this method, you will:

*Enhance effective decision-making

*Learn from real world cases while networking with professionals from diverse sectors

*Learn how to adapt to and take action in multidisciplinary environments

*Elaborate on the new role of government, companies and communities

*Learn about your own negotiation skills, how they are perceived by other professionals and how you can improve them

If your team is interested in playing with another team from a particular stakeholder group, we can engage actors from municipalities, city-networks, universities, companies and citizen groups to test-play with your team for more diverse knowledge-exchange.

You may choose to book:

Demo session - lasts 1.5 hours

Full training session - lasts 3 hours

More info about Play the City’s practice:

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