Blue Force Tracking

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Testing medical certified body sensors to detect unexpected behaviour, triggering an alert, which allows the command & control room to act and better support their fellow officers in the field.


Blue Force Tracking - Nalta Experience #1

How to improve the protection and safety of the Dutch Blue Force using smart Technology?
Nalta built a new innovative Internet of Things solution solving just that. In partnership with the Netherlands Police, the municipality of Amsterdam, Johan Cruijff Arena, Dell Technologies and Dell Boomi we cre

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What is the goal of the project?

  1. Improve support of employees & increasing their safety
  2. Proving digital safety measure can replace or reinforce physical safety requirements set by the UEFA for EK2020 (as part of the Digital Perimeter project)

What is the result of the project?

The aim is to provide better support and safety for our enforcement officers during "crowded" events like soccer matches, kings day or Sail Amsterdam..

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

Initiated by Dutch Police, City of Amsterdam, Johan Cruijff Arena, TNO
Realized by Nalta, Equivital, Genetec, Securitas & Dell Technologies in close colaboration with the initiators

What is the next step?

Scale up within the Police department, the City of Amsterdam and
scale out into other cities around the world & into other industries.

What can other cities learn from your project?

Key succes factors:

  • Data strategy & Privacy by Design
  • Joint and highly focussed project team + Project manager
  • Test in a highly challanging environment (we used the soccer stadium with connectivity challenges)
  • Use High quality & tested sensors / proven technology from a respectable supplier