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Puck Hoogenboom, Communication at Waag, posted

PublicSpaces Conference: For a Collective Internet

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Hoe bouwen we aan een internet dat werkt voor iedereen? Een online ruimte die onze gezondheid, vrijheid en bestaansmiddelen dient en niet in de houdgreep is van Big Tech?

Op 27 en 28 juni organiseren PublicSpaces en Waag Futurelab de derde editie van de PublicSpaces conferentie. Onder leiding van moderatoren Clarice Gargard en Roland Duong onderzoeken we of de democratie bestand is tegen Big Tech en hoe een eerlijke markt met alternatieve software en ethische infrastructuur er uit zou kunnen zien.
Samen met tientallen sprekers uit binnen- en buitenland verkennen we concrete oplossingen en tools voor een gezond digitaal ecosysteem en werken we samen aan een beter internet. Een internet voor en door het collectief.


Binnenkort maken we het programma en de sprekers bekend voor twee dagen vol met panels, keynotes, rondetafelsessies, talks, drinks, kunst en geestverruimende cultuur. Koop je ticket en werk mee aan een gezond digitaal ecosysteem!

Waar? Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam
Wanneer? Dinsdag 27 juni & woensdag 28 juni 2023
Meld je aan voor de conferentie nieuwsbrief om updates over het programma te ontvangen.

Koop je ticket.

Meet-up from Jun 27th to Jun 28th
Puck Hoogenboom, Communication at Waag, posted

The State of the Internet 2023

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On March 9 2023, it is once again time for The State of the Internet, a gathering to discuss the big issues of privacy, platformisation, self-determination and digital rights. This year's lecture will be led by writer, artist, journalist and technologist James Bridle (they/them). Bridle explores how radical technological models can decentralise power. The lecture is in English.

About James Bridle
James Bridle works as a writer, artist, journalist and technologist. Their artworks have been commissioned by galleries and institutions and exhibited worldwide. Bridle writes about literature, culture and networks and has been published in magazines and newspapers including Wired, the Atlantic, the New Statesman, the Guardian and the Financial Times.
With a background in computer science, they consider the question of what intelligence is. In the new book Ways of Being, Bridle considers the fascinating, uncanny and multiple ways of existing on Earth. They wonder what it means to be intelligent? Is it something unique to humans or do we share it with other creatures? And what can we learn from the intelligence of the natural systems that surround us?

About The State of the Internet
On 15 January 2019, Waag kicked off the first edition of The State of the Internet. Since then, we have been commemorating annually the moment when, for Amsterdam, the internet became accessible as a public domain. This year, it has been 29 years since the Digital City opened its doors and the internet became publicly accessible. During the first edition in 2019, professor of media and digital society José van Dijck delivered the lecture, zooming in on the role of platforms in our public space. In 2020, Jaap-Henk Hoepman, expert on privacy by design, addressed our digital identity. In 2021, Sennay Ghebreab spoke about bias in algorithms. In 2022 Nani Jansen Reventlow, award-winning human rights lawyer specialising in strategic litigation at the intersection of human rights, social justice and technology delivered the lecture.
Missed the previous lectures? You can find them here (all in Dutch):

The State of the Internet 2023 is organised by Waag, SIDN, the SIDN fund and the Amsterdam Public Library (OBA)Singel Uitgeverijen and De Groene Amsterdammer. For years, the SIDN Fund has supported internet initiatives that shape a strong internet in which public values are safeguarded. Money should not be a barrier in learning about ways to improve our internet. If the admission fee prevents you from attending, email puck@waag.org, so we can make sure you can attend The State of the Internet.

Conference on Mar 9th
Puck Hoogenboom, Communication at Waag, posted

Waag Talks at DDW: The State of Citizen Science

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Citizen science is on the rise and measurement communities are seen as equal by more and more governments and businesses. This is just as well, because they are the most important experts on their own living environment.

In this second edition of The State of Citizen Science we explore what it takes to democratise knowledge. How can citizen scientists and scientists work together in a satisfactory way? What do citizen scientists need from policymakers? And what can measurement communities around the country learn from each other?

The meetup will start with a panel discussion between a citizen scientist, scientist and policymaker. Then we'll break out into workshops. It promises to be an interactive meeting where the exchange of knowledge and experiences is central. At the end of the workshops there will be a tour of the DDW exhibitions in the Klokgebouw and drinks afterwards.


14:00-15:45 hrs - panel and workshops
16:00-17:00 hrs - guided tour of Klokgebouw including Waag installations
17:15-18:00 hrs - drinks back at Baltan Laboratories
This event is mostly Dutch. 

About Waag Futurelab

Waag Futurelab is a platform for designers and artists to research current societal issues. Waag brings together all relevant parties through expositions, presentations, experiments, debates and reflection. In the four-year Expeditions to planet B programme, Waag Futurelab is finding the answer to the following design questions: what if a planet B would exist? How would we re-design our world and our lives? And what does that teach us about the here and now?

Meet-up on Oct 23rd
Puck Hoogenboom, Communication at Waag, posted

Waag Talks at DDW: Start making sense

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How can we move beyond closed technologies to empower citizens as active agents for environmental sensing? Waag Futurelab invites citizens to take the stage and engage in a dialogue with the government and open hardware makers. We will look into the possibilities of citizen-driven environmental measurement, citizen ownership of open data, and hardware design, like Waag did with SODAQ. This company allows you to measure air quality to address environmental issues in collaboration with your municipality.

Who should make the rules of participation and who benefits? Together, we will start to develop civic-public-private partnerships, addressing critical issues such as valorisation of open data, hardware and trust, as well as design, development and social diffusion of innovative solutions. During the panel talk, speakers from diverse concern and interest groups are invited to share their point of view on the topic. We will conclude with an inspiring tour of the Dutch Design Week exhibitions.


13:30 - 14:00 hrs - Welcome & drinks
14.00 - 15.45 hrs - Panel & Talks: Start making sense

  • Citizen Stage (community members of environmental citizen initiatives)
  • Panel Moderated by Lucas Evers (Waag)

Speakers: Ivonne Jansen Dings (Strategic Advisor Technology, Society and Ethics, South Holland Province), Ollie Smeenk (CEO-Chairman SODAQ), Crail Liu (Director of Sales Seeed Studio), Jean-Paul Close (Co- founder AiREAS), EC Joint Research Centers (TBC)

16:00-18:00 hrs - DDW Tour Walk & Talk and visit to the Waag exhibition (klokgebouw)


Access to the talk is free. We offer limited number of tickets for entry to DDW for the audience. For inquiries, please contact: natalia@waag.org

About Waag Futurelab

Waag Futurelab is a platform for designers and artists to research current societal issues. Waag brings together all relevant parties through expositions, presentations, experiments, debates and reflection. In the four-year Expeditions to planet B programme, Waag Futurelab is finding the answer to the following design questions: what if a planet B would exist? How would we re-design our world and our lives? And what does that teach us about the here and now?

Conference on Oct 28th
Puck Hoogenboom, Communication at Waag, posted

Better Future Now: Music Makes Change

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Music Makes Change is intimate and open impact platform, that allows us to (re)connect, to feel the power of music, and to make lasting positive change in our communities, through civic engagement.

Artist / singer-songwriter Norman Vladimir believes that "one hour can change the world”. And that is why he, in partnership with Waag Futurelab, is excited to invite you to experience this special MMC edition, that combines live artists, awareness & action all in one event.

For this event, we are honoured to present singer-songwriter Luka (Lisa Lukaszczyk), who will both perform and be in conversation with us about topics like her music, her creative path, navigating the music industry, and taking control. Check her out on Spotify.

When: Saturday september 24th
Time: 20:00 hr
Location: second floor New Metropolis Zuidoost (pay attention: accessible through stairs, no elevator available)
19.30 - doors open
20.00 - start program by Norman Vladimir
20.10 - introduction Luka and performance
20.40 - paneltalk with artiest + local community organizers moderated by Norman Vladimir
21:30 - Ending

During Better Future Now Festival, Waag Futurelab and impact platform Music Makes Change are combining forces! A typical MMC edition consists of a talented musician/artist who is invited to perform an intimate set of music, followed by a conversation with the artist and a local volunteer organisation. This time we will discuss the concept of ‘hope’. How can we change the rules instead of fighting the system? Previous artist have been Marle Thomson, Kris Berry and Celine Cairo.
How can you attend? The event is free of charge, meaning we don’t ask for a financial payment. However, as always at MMC, the event will conclude with a mandatory sign-up by every attendee for ONE HOUR of volunteering with our featured local organisation, to make a powerful, local impact in our community and to round out the MMC experience. Just one hour of your time can already change the world!

About Luka
Born in Cape Town, raised and based in the Netherlands; singer-songwriter Lisa Lukaszczyk forms the creative foundation for her band Luka. Inspired by artists such as Feist, Sylvan Esso and Bon Iver, Luka exhibits a sound with touches of dreamy electro-pop, folk and soul. After having released 'Welcome, Generation Everything' in 2018, her debut album 'First Steps of Letting Go' (2020) is out now.​

Meet-up on Sep 24th
Puck Hoogenboom, Communication at Waag, posted

Better Future Now: de Grote Spelbrekershow

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Tijdens de Grote Spelbrekershow gaan we in gesprek met spelbrekers; verschillende mensen die het anders doen en daarnaast actief zijn in verschillende domeinen, zoals wonen, mode, design, data, economie, klimaat, en de kunsten. Een ding hebben ze gemeen: allen staan ze voor systeemverandering.

We hebben het over waar de huidige systemen wrikken: waar wringen de regels, wie zijn de winnaars en de verliezers? En wat is er voor nodig om de regels open te breken? Samen kijken we naar alternatieven.

Ook kan je genieten en je laten inspireren door muziek en spoken word. Zien we je daar?

Met Met o.a. Melissa Koutouzis (co-initiator Woonprotest), Ruben Pater (designer & researcher), Thamar Kempees (marketeer & sneakerhead), Broke Ass Millionaires (creative producers & sustainable circulair fashion), Arne Hendriks (kunstenaar), Elten Kiene (spoken word) en Benjamin Fro (muziek)

Meet-up on Sep 24th