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jackson Coleman, Product design and Marketing , posted

We Americans are doomed by our car-based infrastructure.

So now, as indicated by the massive commitments among automakers into AEVs, we will see the death of the personal car. Since we ignored efficient mass transport like a convenient railway system, and embraced sprawl to accommodate our beloved stinkpots, if we live between cities we may have no affordable ways to access them conveniently.

There are mass-transit urban systems which require a car (and parking) to access their sometimes isolated pickup points, and if you're more than 10 miles out, even that may not be plausible. From 100 miles away only a snail-paced, antiquated bus system may be available and ride-hailing service gets too expensive to be palatable.

As enlightened Amsterdamers, we need your advice in facing the future. It's too late to build a Euro-style rail system. In the long term, if we go without cars how can we move between cities and then have personal mobility inside them? Would be interesting to see how you are addressing that problem, assuming it even exists for you.

Air-taxis like Lilium.com? What about urban mobility? Car-sharing like Mavendrive.com? Scootriders in towns are fast but require serious skill.

We may have a different problem, but if you're interested would enjoy your thoughts.

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