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Jennifer Kammerer, Student , posted

Interview - Smart City Amsterdam

Hello Everyone,
my name is Jennifer Kammerer and I'm writing my bachelor thesis about smart cities at the moment. I really like the strategies of the smart city amsterdam and would like to interview the smart city team for some more questions and opinions. The Topic of my thesis is: Wie smart sollten Bürogebäude sein? Immobilienwrtschaftliche Analyse von Smart City Konzepten auf die Entwicklung von Büroimmobilien. (How smart should an office building be? A analysis of smart city concepts on the development of office buildings from a real estate business point of view). I would really appreciate if I get the chance to get an interview. I would like so send the questions written and you can answer them also as a team or in the community. You can of course also use the interview material from the thesis!
I would be very thankful for a feedback! Dank u wel!

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