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Hello Everyone,
my name is Jennifer Kammerer and I'm writing my bachelor thesis about smart cities at the moment. I really like the strategies of the smart city amsterdam and would like to interview the smart city team for some more questions and opinions. The Topic of my thesis is: Wie smart sollten Bürogebäude sein? Immobilienwrtschaftliche Analyse von Smart City Konzepten auf die Entwicklung von Büroimmobilien. (How smart should an office building be? A analysis of smart city concepts on the development of office buildings from a real estate business point of view). I would really appreciate if I get the chance to get an interview. I would like so send the questions written and you can answer them also as a team or in the community. You can of course also use the interview material from the thesis!
I would be very thankful for a feedback! Dank u wel!

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Herman van den Bosch

Dear Jennifer, I guess you are studying real estate at UvA. Probably next can help you. You will find no buildings that are designed to be smart, as a goal for itself. I feel it is one of Amsterdam's strongest points, that smart is always connected with one or more societal challenges that has to be dealt with
Probably the new Deloitte building in Amsterdam (The Edge) will appear to be the most sustainable building in the world ( This is partly a consequence of the application of so-called smart technologies. Its BREEAM score is 'outstanding'. So I suggest that you start studying the architectural and other principles that are responsible for this extremely good achievement. It is helpful that the UvA has assisted in the development of these features. Probably your own departments been involved. I do't know exactly which are the requirements of your thesis, but taking into account my own experience, you will have to do a little more. I suggest that you select three other (re)development plans for offices in Amsterdam and ask for interviewing a relevant person. Collect data that enable you to compare the specifications of these buildings with 'the Edge'. As fas as I know the Microsoft building in Amsterdam also has high sustainability ambitions, but you better can chose three 'average' projects. This enables you to compare 'middle-of-the-road' developments with the very best. Good luck with your thesis and your study. Best wishes, Herman