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Yasmina Lembachar, Research Analyst at Circle Economy, posted

Crowdsourcing insights and ideas online to solve four circularity challenges around food waste, education, plastics, and access over ownership!

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Interested in winning a free ticket to Beyond Next, the circularity festival (https://circle-economy.com/beyond-next), including travel and accommodation if you are not based in Amsterdam? Interested in contributing to a circular economy with your research and ideas?

Circle Economy has partnered up with the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, ABN AMRO, Gemeente Amsterdam and HEMA to run challenges to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

You can now submit existing research, facts and figures, inspirational examples, and other key insights related to these challenges. The challenges cover four major themes of education, product as a service, organic waste in a circular city, and single use plastics.

We will synthesise and openly share the results of this crowd-based exploration on Circle Lab, the online platform for the circular economy, for everyone to find inspiration in, learn from, and use in developing new solutions.

These results will also support attendees of the Beyond Next Challenge Track as they ideate and prototype new solutions to the challenges throughout the two-day festival.


Send in some research and you could win a free trip including entry tickets worth €150 and accommodation and travel expenses up to €1,000!

Eight winners will be chosen based on a combination of the number and the quality of their contributions.

For more information on the challenges and how to contribute, check out the challenges below:

Beyond Ownership > https://circle-lab.com/group/26/ideas
How can we promote access over ownership in the household?
Brought to you by ABN AMRO

Beyond Plastics > https://circle-lab.com/group/28/ideas
How can we transition to a system free of single-use plastics?
Brought to you by HEMA

Beyond Education > https://circle-lab.com/group/27/ideas
How can fashion education equip students for a ‘new reality’?
Brought to you by the Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Beyond Leftovers > https://circle-lab.com/group/29/ideas
How can we effectively collect and use organic waste throughout the city? Brought to you by the Gemeente Amsterdam

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Yasmina Lembachar, Research Analyst at Circle Economy, posted

Introducing 1,000 examples and articles on the circular economy, now openly available on Circle Lab!

Information on the circular economy is currently spread across many organisations and industries or gated behind members-only communities. This defeats the very basis of a circular approach and makes it very hard to disseminate, and even harder to implement such strategies. By bringing all circular economy insights, best practices, and research into one place in Circle Lab for everyone to openly explore and learn from, we want to break down these information silos and accelerate knowledge transfers across sectors and borders.

You can learn more about Circle Lab and start exploring all 1,000+ cases here: https://www.circle-economy.com/circle-lab-biggest-global-open-access-innovation-platform-for-the-circular-economy-launches-1-000-new-case-studies/#.WwVegFOFNE4

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