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Robert Valentine, Projectleader Smart City Data at City of Amsterdam, posted

Results of the Zuidas Mobility Experience

Today on April 3rd we started with the second edition of the Zuidas Mobility Experience. During this Experience we are testing a semi Mobility as a Service solution.

Attached you can find the results of the first round which took place in October of last year. In May we will report on the results of the second edition.

Participants of the mobility experience could use any mode of transportation with a travel budget of 1000 euros, if they would not use their lease car for one month. 11 people, working in different companies on the Zuidas, took up the challenge to try a combanation of different modalities; rental bike, train, tram, taxi. Everything to make mobility better!

After the pilot 50% of the participants wanted their lease car back, but the other 50% prefered to travel on the mobility budget!

Do you have a lease car? What do you think of an all-modality travel pass?

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