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Flip Rosdorff, Program manager VISI at City of Amsterdam, posted

Smart cities and digitization: join the BIM Loket Dialogue Table on 16 February

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The BIM Loket is organizing a Dialogue Table on the theme of Smart Cities and the disruptive effect of digitization in construction on 16 February. For this meeting, we also invited the Baanbrekers, a transition network in the construction industry. We are guests at Gemeente Amsterdam Ingenieursbureau. Cross-thinkers, creatives and innovators are cordially invited to join! Participation is free. Event in Dutch!

Smart cities and digitization: opportunities from disruption
Large cities in the Netherlands are confronted with global issues such as urbanization, climate change, labor participation, digitization, mobility and the depletion of raw materials. The pressure on cities to find solutions for these major shifts is increasing rapidly. In January last year, 140 stakeholders presented a joint vision on the direction of smart cities in the Netherlands. The City of Amsterdam fulfills a role as a driver of innovation in the city and in the region. What challenges does she face? Amsterdam can not do this alone!

In addition, the developments in - and especially outside - the construction sector are not standing still. The realization of smart cities is partly dependent on digitization and computerization, including Building Information Management (BIM) and the asset management of the future. Which developments are playing here, including internationally? There are signs of disruption in construction, comparable to Uber and Airbnb, for example by parties such as Google, Amazon and IKEA. What opportunities does this offer and how can we respond to this in concrete terms? How can smart cities increase the urgency of this?

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Program and registration (13:15 - 17:15, Stadstimmertuin Amsterdam)

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