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Steve Duncan, Head of Product & Design , posted

Jaspr: Circular Economy Meetup

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Mingle with other sustainability, circular economy, and forward-thinking people, hosted by Jaspr. You'll hear about some great circular-economy & sustainability initiatives going on around the city while enjoying some food prepared by a celebrated Korean chef.

Food and drink is free if you bring an item to donate to the Amsterdam BLEND Weggeefmarkt, a gift market that will take place the next day, an official partner of Jaspr. More information can be found here, please contact us if you are interested in volunteering!

**The event is invite-only to those in the Jaspr community, please contact for more information. Either here, or through**

Steve Duncan's picture Event on Mar 9th
Steve Duncan, Head of Product & Design , posted

Jaspr Trade, Swap & Share Platform - Amsterdam kick-off!

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Love the idea of cash-free swap on a massive scale?
Jaspr lets you trade your talents and unneeded stuff, cash-free, with great people nearby, like a Peerby for trade. We are on a mission to help people save money, make friends, and have cool experiences that money can't buy.

We've built up an amazing swap community in Berlin, but it's always been a dream of this team-of-five to bring Jaspr to Amsterdam.

So come have a beer on us! We'll tell you about why we've taken on this lofty mission, how we got here, why we're coming to Amsterdam, and the ups and downs of bootstrapping a startup.

Bring some friends, have some fun, and be on the ground floor of a new trade community !

See the trades happening now in Amsterdam!

Learn more about why we're doing this

Steve Duncan's picture Event on Feb 1st