Jaspr: Circular Economy Meetup

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Mingle with other sustainability, circular economy, and forward-thinking people, hosted by Jaspr. You'll hear about some great circular-economy & sustainability initiatives going on around the city while enjoying some food prepared by a celebrated Korean chef.

Food and drink is free if you bring an item to donate to the Amsterdam BLEND Weggeefmarkt, a gift market that will take place the next day, an official partner of Jaspr. More information can be found here, please contact us if you are interested in volunteering!


**The event is invite-only to those in the Jaspr community, please contact for more information. Either here, or through info@jasprtrades.com**



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Steve Duncan

Hey guys! Sorry for the delayed response.

@tudormihai - The language of event will be primarily in English, although there will be quite a few Dutch people attending.
@luukvosters - As the event venue has limited space, we're looking to speak with all interested people as we want to ensure that they're interested and involved in the circular economy/sustainability space or are a Jaspr community member.

If anyone is interested in joining, it would be great if you could email us at info@jasprtrades.com with some background info about yourself, and why you're interested in joining!

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Nancy Zikken

@steveduncan Could you help Luuk and Tudor?

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Tudor Mihai

is this going to be only in dutch?

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Luuk Vosters

When clicking on the event on facebook, just the market event appears.. not the event on the 9th.. how do I register/ get more info on that one? Thanks! (Dutch works too)