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Nicola Mitchell, Digital Marketing Manager , posted

Applications for Sustainable Fashion Startup Accelerator Close Weds 20th

Do you know a startup working on sustainable innovations within the fashion industry? Applications for the next Fashion for Good-Plug and Play Accelerator close next Wednesday! See for more information!

In particular we are looking for entrepreneurs/startups working on the following:

- Alternative raw materials. For ex: alternative to leather, hemp or mushroom based fabrics etc.

- Sustainable Dyeing For ex: bacteria based pigments or synthetic dyes

- Production – For ex: water and chemical usage efficiency, knitting techniques to avoid waste, sustainable packaging etc.

- Traceability – technology to improve transparency of the supply chain. For ex:
Blockchain connected RFID systems

- Recycling / Upcycling – techniques to recycle blended fabrics: For ex: Mechanical or chemical recycling

- End of Use – products that can be converted into apparel products. For ex: Fabric made out of food waste

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