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Kate Kalinina, Business Development Manager , posted

Job opportunity in the insurtech startup


We are p2p insurtech startup Teambrella and we are developing the first platform, where users can cover each other without a middleman. With Teambrella you can have transparent and affordable coverage on personal belongings. It's truly p2p protection, which could be a very beneficial alternative to the bike owners compared to the classic insurance.

Pretty soon we launch several test groups in the Netherlands gathering around bike protection. That's why we are looking for the enthusiastic and creative persons, who will be our product ambassadors and help us to gather the first teams.

To activate one team a product ambassador needs 50-60 members with bikes. The participation will be financially beneficial for the bike owners, as we provide the initial budget that will be exploited by team members to reimburse claims via our mobile application. At the same time, we'd love to create teams which share common interests and values.

We will provide information support for brand ambassadors and coordinate the process.

Experience in the app testing is not required, but some interest in tech and sharing economy might be a plus.

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