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Juliana Obynochnaya, development manager , posted

2nd International Smart City Dialogue on Urban Mobility

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Far beyond of standard event shapes the UMD creates a very special and familiar atmosphere, where governmental representatives, businessmen, academicians and public activists can develop unusual thoughts, discuss controversial opinions and constitute new creative development steps together. Leaving business role-playing behind, acting more as important particles of an urban organism, UMD experts bring in their different views, positions and intentions in a novel way. The UMD enables the various stakeholders in Urban Mobility to achieve new understandings and to create new solution paths for the sustainable future of mobility, and UMD wants and needs each of you for its strategic lab. Next to amazing presentations and descriptions of real life scenarios, the UMD’s new discussion formats and social interactions will pave the ground for 4 days of collaborative thinking and future acting.

Juliana Obynochnaya's picture Event from Nov 13th to Nov 16th
Juliana Obynochnaya, development manager , posted

Urban Mobility Dialogue

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It gives us great pleasure to invite you to attend the 1st International Urban Mobility Dialogue, scheduled for the 1st - 4th of November 2017 in Berlin, Germany. The event is going to be the first one in the series of International Smart City events, exclusively elaborated by academus GmbH and supported by a number of state and social establishments from Germany and abroad.

Why another mobility conference, you may wonder? The Urban Mobility Dialogue is designed to be not just “another conference”, but rather a gathering of exceptional minds who will work together in an open and collaborative atmosphere on finding solutions for each participating city’s major mobility challenges. We deeply investigate the practices of transferring the urban spaces into the “smart” format, therefore, within our Dialogue, we would like to welcome the constellation of the cities worldwide, which take their active steps towards the smart development, have their own unique experiences and stories of success, as well as the next goals along with the questions and challenges on their way. On the other hand we invite the solution providers from academia and research, social, business and industrial establishments to fulfill our Dialogue.

We want all our guests to bring back home very special and practical results from the event, that is why the special dialogue format is developed to go deeper than the sometimes superficial presentations of “best practices” at conferences with little learning outcome for the audience. We look forward to reduce barriers to collaboration and cooperation through goal-oriented and supervised discussions. They will become fruitful and successful, because our sustainable future needs us to form and plan it together. Following our common mission, we are inspired to work with all of you on the Urban Mobility Strategies, ready to be implemented now. They will become the product of the awaited experience exchange and “brain-storming”, and therefore a real value of our Dialogue, expected by you and us.

We invite cities to share their mobility challenges and to find solutions.
We invite the private sector to present its solutions, ideas and technologies for future urban mobility.
We invite citizens’ groups to speak about their needs and requirements for a livable environment.
We invite research institutions and think tanks to present their findings and to provide insight on technological mobility services.

For any inquiries and further information you may easily reach us by the following contacts:
Bernd.stary@academus.berlin, +49 175 4145520,
Juliana.obynochnaya@academus.berlin, +49-176-765-02-022.

Juliana Obynochnaya's picture Event from Nov 1st to Nov 4th