2nd International Smart City Dialogue on Urban Mobility

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Far beyond of standard event shapes the UMD creates a very special and familiar atmosphere, where governmental representatives, businessmen, academicians and public activists can develop unusual thoughts, discuss controversial opinions and constitute new creative development steps together. Leaving business role-playing behind, acting more as important particles of an urban organism, UMD experts bring in their different views, positions and intentions in a novel way. The UMD enables the various stakeholders in Urban Mobility to achieve new understandings and to create new solution paths for the sustainable future of mobility, and UMD wants and needs each of you for its strategic lab. Next to amazing presentations and descriptions of real life scenarios, the UMD’s new discussion formats and social interactions will pave the ground for 4 days of collaborative thinking and future acting.


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Juliana Obynochnaya

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! We would be happy to welcome you within this G2B Boutique Event under personal Patronage of Berlin Mayor Mr. Michael Müller!
We will welcome high-level experts from Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Russia, Iran, Morocco, South Africa, Nigeria.

Please, join us! It is the cheapest imaginable option to develope your business relationships within those regions .