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Arif Fatehi, posted

Smart Waste Manager solution providers

The Consulate General of the Netherlands in Mumbai is exploring opportunities for Dutch companies to introduce Smart City solutions to India. Read a brief about it here :

Smart cities in Pune and across India are looking for solutions in :
1/ Garbage Bin Sensor and Management Solution
2/ RFID Tags and RFID Reader Solution ( RFID solution for bins and vehicle for tracking at various stages)
3/ Smart Card and Card Reader Solution ( Smart Card Reader on Vehicles and Reader capable to transmit the data)
4/ Weighing Sensor Management Solution ( RAMPS/Processing Plants/Bio-gas Plants)
Integrated Solid Waste Management Solution ( Software Solution to track bins/vehicle/sensor data end to end at Control room)

Please get in touch with me at with a brief of your company/solution to take this further

-Arif Fatehi

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