Smart Waste Manager solution providers

The Consulate General of the Netherlands in Mumbai is exploring opportunities for Dutch companies to introduce Smart City solutions to India. Read a brief about it here :

Smart cities in Pune and across India are looking for solutions in :
1/ Garbage Bin Sensor and Management Solution
2/ RFID Tags and RFID Reader Solution ( RFID solution for bins and vehicle for tracking at various stages)
3/ Smart Card and Card Reader Solution ( Smart Card Reader on Vehicles and Reader capable to transmit the data)
4/ Weighing Sensor Management Solution ( RAMPS/Processing Plants/Bio-gas Plants)
Integrated Solid Waste Management Solution ( Software Solution to track bins/vehicle/sensor data end to end at Control room)

Please get in touch with me at with a brief of your company/solution to take this further

-Arif Fatehi


Gaelan Goodfellow's picture
Gaelan Goodfellow

Hi Guys, I am looking for a Smart City who are looking for ways to create a cleaner greener environment. I have designed and manufactured an Innovative device we call BinStrap,this device keeps the lids of wheelie bins sealed and secure during adverse weather conditions and when tipped over this prevents litter pollution and protects our wildlife. Unsecured wheelie bins are also a source of easy access food for animals, birds and rodents, keeping wheelie bin lids sealed and secure also helps stop rodent infestations and stops the spread of germs and disease. BinStrap will also massively cut down on Government clean up cost. I am also looking for people who would be interested in working with me to Stop litter pollution on land and in the oceans, anyone interested please get in touch.

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Nancy Zikken

@maloubrantjes this might be interesting for the network of Amsterdam Trade! Also, @maartenvanderschaaf & @reneevanderheijden , this could be a great opportunity for your network!