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Sam Lloyd, Postgraduate Student of Environmental Change , posted

How is Amsterdam adapting to the challenges of climate change?

I am currently writing a Masters thesis that discusses how Amsterdam has and continues to adapt to the impacts of climate change.
Is anyone willing to discuss with me their perspectives on if and how this achieved?
I would like to talk to anyone involved in any project, organisation or authority with experience of adaptation measures.
I have a particular interest in how Amsterdam has and plans to adapt to issues surrounding extreme weather events and water.

Thank you.

Sam Lloyd, Postgraduate Student of Environmental Change , posted

Is anyone willing to be interviewed in order to contribute to postgraduate research?

I am a postgraduate student studying at Abersytwyth University in Wales. My research is concerned with urban adaptation in response to climate change. I want to understand the motivations, drivers and systems that contribute to adaptation strategies in an urban context. If anyone would be willing to be interviewed or wouldjust like to offer a perspective or thought to contribute toward the research please don't hesitate to contact me via email (

The research project I am undertaking aims to analyse urban adaptation strategies in a number of cities including Amsterdam using critical urban theory. I want to understand the systems in place and the motivations behind implemented strategies within the urban context. I want to understand how the city itself responds to the adaptation. Who wins from these implementations and who loses out?

I want to hear from anyone and everyone involved with urban adaptation. The strategists, politicians, technological partners, journalists, academics and local people

Any input or additional perspective in this research is welcome as are any questions you may have about the research or myself.

Thank you!