How is Amsterdam adapting to the challenges of climate change?

I am currently writing a Masters thesis that discusses how Amsterdam has and continues to adapt to the impacts of climate change.
Is anyone willing to discuss with me their perspectives on if and how this achieved?
I would like to talk to anyone involved in any project, organisation or authority with experience of adaptation measures.
I have a particular interest in how Amsterdam has and plans to adapt to issues surrounding extreme weather events and water.

Thank you.


Sam Lloyd

Hi Sladjana,

Those links are a great help, thanks very much!
Really, I want to know what the drivers and motivations are behind adaptation to climate change? I want to know what role markets and the economy play in shaping how Amsterdam adapts and how the city itself responds to all of this? I suppose I want to know who are the winners in climate change adaptation and are there any losers?

Thanks for your interest, I hope this clarifies things.

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Sladjana Mijatovic

Hi Sam,

Have you checked the sutainability website + agenda of the City?

Please let me know what you are searching for (a bit more sepcific) so I can link you to the right person. I am in the Circular Economy field, maybe not the specific thing you are searching for right now?

Sam Lloyd

Hi Nancy, Thanks very much for your help. I have been in discussion with Rainproof and they have been a great help. Can you think of anyone else I could contact to get an interview? It does not specifically have to concern water issues. Thanks again!

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Nancy Zikken

Hi Sam, I just got a message from Rainproof. If you contact them at, they will certainly get in touch!