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Siebe Broersma, Researcher at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), posted

The City-zen Methodology Approach For Urban Energy Transitions

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European cities and municipalities have considerable goals in becoming carbon neutral and energy self-sufficient in line with the Paris Agreement. To be successful in reaching climate ambitions we must start now, but it is complex and easier said then done. It requires radical changes such as far-reaching energy renovations, specific approaches, new heating networks, large-scale production facilities for solar power, geothermal energy and green gas. This needs the attention and action of all stakeholders: companies, knowledge institutions, companies, housing corporations and citizens. The European research project City-zen an Urban Energy Transition Methodology is developed to draw an Energy Master Plan for a city. The plan, a roadmap, exists of several (practical and local oriented) energy interventions and measures, both at the technical and strategic level which can be put on a timeline. In this City-zen approach the roadmap with urban energy measures for Amsterdam and Grenoble is made in helping achieving their ambitious climate goals. With concrete examples for local neighbourhoods it explains the different scenarios that are necessary to reach ambitious climate and energy targets.

City-zen was an international consortium, a program stimulating learning-by-doing in Grenoble and Amsterdam between March 2014 and November 2019. The results can be found in a booklet or in detailed reports.

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