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Julie Chenadec, Relationship Development Manager at Aknostic, posted

Clouds of Europe, EKS clusters and Security Compliance

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In this meetup hosted by Aknostic, we will be diving into some of our favorite subjects: Clouds of Europe, EKS clusters, and Security Compliance.

The meetup will start at 17:30 with some snacks and drinks, so everyone can get to know each other.

At 18:15, we will start our program with 3 sessions (around 20 min each). We will be wrapping up the event with pizzas and beers, so you have time to enjoy discussions while eating pizzas.

We will have 3 talks on our agenda:
- First talk: Building the Clouds of Europe, one cloud at a time.
- Second talk: Managing dozens of EKS clusters the Gitops way
- Third talk - Setting up a CI/CD pipeline solution for a client's use case

Register here: https://aknostic.com/meetup-aknostic/

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Julie Chenadec, Relationship Development Manager at Aknostic, posted

Let's measure the environmental impact of digital products & applications.

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On September 16 we are inviting the Dutch Tech & IT community to an in-person workshop & knowledge-sharing sessions on measuring the environmental impact of digital products and applications.

We believe the key to reducing the environmental impact of the digital ecosystem is to make it transparent to the user of an application - to raise awareness of the environmental costs of their digital usage.

Join us !

Julie Chenadec's picture Masterclass / workshop on Sep 16th
Julie Chenadec, Relationship Development Manager at Aknostic, posted

Training Workshop on Recycling, Reuse and Eco-Design of Data Center Equipment

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Are you a data center user, manufacturer, operator or recycler? Are you using or requesting a data hosting provider?

This free online training program will help you design, choose and better recycle computer storage systems to make them more sustainable. This session will also allow you to assess the potential for reusing, recycling and extending the life of computer servers.

This online session is scheduled for the 20th of June at 10:00 AM CET and you can register through this link.

We will dive into the following key topics:

  • Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment
  • CDCC (Circular Data Centre Compass) – an online tool designed to assist SMEs in IT (design/procurement/end-of-life) decision making
  • Break-out session to discuss recycling, product life extension and Ecodesign

This training is in English and is free, organised as part of the CEDaCI project (Circular Economy for the Data Center Industry). The project aims to suggest ways to improve the recycling, reuse and eco-design of computer servers.

More information about the training sessions can be found here.

Julie Chenadec's picture Online event on Jun 20th
Julie Chenadec, Relationship Development Manager at Aknostic, posted

Help! My grid is congested

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We proudly invite you to the EV Energy Final Conference happening on 12 May 2021 from 9:30 am - 11:30 am online.

Over four years of project implementation. It's been a long and exciting journey for all of us. Along the way we have been able to share our experience, learn from each other and implement successful practices in our regions.

Our final conference presents how practical experiences and regional policy incentives were shared and led to new insights, policy recommendations and running action.

Cities and regions are on the path towards clean mobility, made possible by local renewable energy. We present 5 EU-cities and regions (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Kaunas, Rome and Stockholm), which have been actively collaborating in transition efforts, sharing learnings from policy making, planning and implementation. Although the stages of development vary between these cities, this collaboration has been very fruitful and inspirational.

The event is dedicated to policy makers, project teams, CPO’s, energy companies and local initiatives aimed at adopting renewable energy as a pillar in their future actions.

Julie Chenadec's picture Online event on May 12th
Julie Chenadec, Relationship Development Manager at Aknostic, posted

Join research project on hydrogen

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As an alternative source of energy, hydrogen plays a major role in the future plans of the European Commission. Since datacenters are estimated to have the fastest growing carbon footprint across the whole ICT sector, if they rely on diesel generators, fuel cells could be a sustainable substitute.

Within the Roadmap and the Innovation Lab departments, the SDIA - Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance e.V. wants to elaborate on the viability of hydrogen fuel cells as back up power for data centers, in order to replace diesel generators.

To guarantee the success of this project, we are looking for partners and experts who want to join us on the journey. Feel free to reach out to us!


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Julie Chenadec, Relationship Development Manager at Aknostic, posted

Green IT Amsterdam and SDIA join forces to make digital infrastructure even more sustainable

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AMSTERDAM, 21 JANUARY 2021 - Green IT Amsterdam and Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance are joining forces.

Both organisations have a strong focus on making the digital infrastructure more sustainable. Together they want to initiate or join innovation projects focused on sustainability. Additionally both organisations will work together to make the knowledge and technology they develop commercially available to the market as quickly as possible. For example by creating startups that develop and sell software, cloud services and other tools that can be used by data centres and others to green their digital infrastructure.

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