Clouds of Europe, EKS clusters and Security Compliance

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In this meetup hosted by Aknostic, we will be diving into some of our favorite subjects: Clouds of Europe, EKS clusters, and Security Compliance.

The meetup will start at 17:30 with some snacks and drinks, so everyone can get to know each other.

At 18:15, we will start our program with 3 sessions (around 20 min each). We will be wrapping up the event with pizzas and beers, so you have time to enjoy discussions while eating pizzas.

We will have 3 talks on our agenda:
- First talk: Building the Clouds of Europe, one cloud at a time.
- Second talk: Managing dozens of EKS clusters the Gitops way
- Third talk - Setting up a CI/CD pipeline solution for a client's use case

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