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Circular smart affordable housing

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Proud to be selected by more than 50 professional jury memebers from the international building & construction industry out of more than 1000 spotted startups and 347 entrances.

We had the chance to present our circular tech housing solution to the audience in Frankfurt and made it to the first ever selection of best 100 builtworld startups.

We are the worldwide only CLT modul construction company directly renting out to users. We now focus on temporary locations as that is the best way to enter the otherwise long-lasting and conservative housing development market.

As cross laminated timber just recently gained traction as future proof construction material in The Netherlands and while discussing wood-concrete here, the discussions in Germany were about when.

As CLT experts for more than ten years we are more than willing to look into your housing issue or more impactful circular temporary land use.

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Woodshousing is joining national Startup in Residence and is looking for an intern!

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What is it? A startup in residence? As many pages say, it's "Bringing startups
and governments together. The Startup in Residence programme connects startups and scale-ups with key social challenges."

So let's tell the news: Woodyshousing (a startup in circular, high quality, social housing made affordable by technology and people) is selected by the Dutch governement (ministry of internal affairs) to boost housing for "spoedzoekers" (all people who are in urgent need of housing, like students, starters, expats, migrants, divorcing people...).

We will participate in a SiR-program in The Hague, get some workspace and some money and - which is much more interesting to us - get access to and cooperate with the immense network a ministry has to boost our solution.

Thus, we need extra support by our so-called SPOEDMAKERS. Those people who want to speed up accessibility of affordable housing solutions in and around urban environments.

If you are the one available from march untill july, interested in participating the program as intern of Woodyshousing and able to work partly from The Hague, feel free to send us your motivation letter and CV to

We mainly have to deal with strategic and operational marketing( stakeholdersanalysis and propositions) and circular real estate project development in the field of social housing in combination with placemaking.

As we focus on the Dutch market fluent Dutch is a must.

We are looking for outgoing, pro-active people with a structured work attitude who love to work in an entrepreneurial environment and love to get coffee as much as talking to the minister:-)

If you are not the one but know that hero, let us know!

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285 solutions!

Sustainable startups in the Netherlands are doing well. Never before has so much been invested in startups that offer solutions to accelerate the energy transition. This is evident from StartupDelta’s bid book Startup Solutions for the Energy Transition, published today containing the profiles of 285 green startups, in partnership with the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge.

Honoured to be featured with WOODYSHOUSING as one of the solutions to drastically reduce CO2 emissions far before 2030!

CO2 reduction is just a beginning. We go further: circular, social, affordable, fair and connecting. We have a very good solution to the deficit in affordable and sustainable housing. We don't do it alone. We believe in cooperation and co-creation with all stakeholders. Thus.... be welcome to contribute in kind or cash, in network or locations to make the impact we aim for individuals and society.

You can be part of WOODYSHOUSING!

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Circular 'Urban Livingroom' design

We are in preparation of a residential living lab. Part of it is an 'urban living room'-restaurant. We are looking for furniture for a circular 'urban living room' interior and have the chance to prototype/produce/refurbish/upcycle new designs. We think this is a great chance for individuals or organizations to cooperate. If interested, please contact me at

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Catch a glimpse!

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The WOODY is a studio designed for young people solving the housing deficit in a quality and affordable way by applying sustainable materials and a modular building system, a circular business model, end-user co-housing operation etc.etc. made possible by technology.
The production is designed in a modular way, too, which enables the shortest possible production close to (temporary) locations to further reduce logistic handling on the road and on location.
The WOODY's shown in th factory are designed with integrated subsequent uses and show two different types (size and use).
Please register by sending an e-mail to for adres and instructions.

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