285 solutions!

Sustainable startups in the Netherlands are doing well. Never before has so much been invested in startups that offer solutions to accelerate the energy transition. This is evident from StartupDelta’s bid book Startup Solutions for the Energy Transition, published today containing the profiles of 285 green startups, in partnership with the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge.

Honoured to be featured with WOODYSHOUSING as one of the solutions to drastically reduce CO2 emissions far before 2030!

CO2 reduction is just a beginning. We go further: circular, social, affordable, fair and connecting. We have a very good solution to the deficit in affordable and sustainable housing. We don't do it alone. We believe in cooperation and co-creation with all stakeholders. Thus.... be welcome to contribute in kind or cash, in network or locations to make the impact we aim for individuals and society.

You can be part of WOODYSHOUSING!