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Jaïr Halevi, Project Lead, Startup in Residence Amsterdam Metropolitan Area at City of Amsterdam, posted

Apply now for the Startup in Residence Amsterdam Metropolitan Area programme

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Startup in Residence Amsterdam is going regional!

For the first time nine municipalities join forces to connect startups, scale-ups, innovative SMB’s and social enterprises with key social and urban challenges in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

This regional program is a collaboration across the following municipalities: Haarlem, Haar-lemmermeer, Velsen, Diemen, Lelystad, Almere, Purmerend, Zaanstad and Amsterdam. Together they defined 7 challenges. These range from ‘how do we decrease loneliness’ to ‘how do we counter building subsidence’. The complete list of challenges is available at startupinresidence.com/ama.

Are you a startup, scale-up, innovative SME or social enterprise and are you working on social and urban challenges in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area?
Come and join our programme, applications open from August 14 until October 14 2018 23:59!

Startup in Residence Programme
The programme invites both Dutch and international entrepreneurs to social and urban chal-lenges in collaboration with the local government. Their innovative solutions impact the region as well as its citizens. The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area can significantly benefit the prospects of a startup, scale-up, innovative SMB or social enterprise ,by investing and/or becoming a launching customer or partner. We bring together a network of committed entrepreneurs, mentors, civil servants and partners which benefits both the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and you.

More Info
There will be an information meeting on 20th September for all startups and scale ups that are interested. Here, they will have the opportunity to ask questions about the challenges, the incubator programme and the (registration) process.
For more information please visit the website (https://startupinresidence.com/ama/) or send us an e-mail. (sir.ama@amsterdam.nl)

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