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Drift sees the need & opportunities for fundamental changes towards sustainable futures. We have the insight, drive and experience to support people, cities, sectors and organisations to take action.

We develop and share transformative knowledge, apply new methods in practice, provide academic and professional training and engage in public debate.

This way society benefits directly from our latest insights, and we continually advance our theories based on real challenges.

Together we accelerate transitions towards more just, sustainable and resilient societies.



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Wouter Mulders, Communications Coordinator at Drift, posted

Accelerating the energy transition

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The long awaited acceleration of the energy transition is happening. In terms of solar and sustainable electricity, the Netherlands is doing well. But with the war in Ukraine, the trickiness of moving away from natural gas and the sizeable challenge for our industry, there’s a lot to do still. Especially if we want to make the transition just & fair.

Do you want to improve your knowledge, insight and network to accelerate the energy transition in your line of work? Join the new edition of this Dutch-language course, on locations throughout the Netherlands.

PS We are aware that courses can be costly, which is why on 1 September we are also taking sign-ups for a wildcard entry to this course, free of charge. If you are interested in that, please keep an eye on DRIFT for Transition's socials and newsletter.

Wouter Mulders's picture Masterclass / workshop from Oct 13th to Dec 15th
Wouter Mulders, Communications Coordinator at Drift, posted

Transitiemaker Training

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Arm yourself with the skills and knowledge to shape sustainability and justice transitions. A four-day training program in Dutch for young professionals that want to be transition makers.

Wouter Mulders's picture Masterclass / workshop from Sep 30th to Oct 28th
Wouter Mulders, Communications Coordinator at Drift, posted

Reflexive Monitoring Course

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Pioneers struggling with uncertainty & controversy when working on sustainability transitions: you are not alone. Whether you’re facilitating transition experiments around nature based solutions, setting up an innovative project for citizen participation in energy or just eager to learn about reflexive monitoring, our Reflexive Monitoring course will provide you with valuable new approaches and insights.

In this 3-day course, dr. PJ Beers (DRIFT) and dr. Barbara van Mierlo (WUR) will guide you through the ins and outs of reflexive monitoring.

Wouter Mulders's picture Masterclass / workshop from Nov 10th to Feb 16th
Wouter Mulders, Communications Coordinator at Drift, posted

Gratis proefcollege Reflexief Monitoren

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Als je werkt aan transitie-vraagstukken rondom mobiliteit, energie of circulaire economie, dan kom je veel onzekerheid en controverse tegen. Zie jij ook de noodzaak voor lerend werken? En loop je er ook tegenaan dat jouw organisatie maar beperkte invloed heeft om oplossingen te realiseren?

De methode 'Reflexief Monitoren' helpt hierbij. Omdat je in transitie-opgaven altijd te maken hebt met onverwachte obstakels en kansen, wordt vaak pas tijdens het proces duidelijk wat écht belangrijk is. Dat maakt het lastig om op voorhand te bepalen wat en hoe je moet doen en monitoren. Reflexieve monitoring helpt je het accent van je transitiewerk te verleggen naar leren en bijsturen, gericht op structurele verandering

Op 23 juni 2022 van 09:30-10:30 bieden we je in dit gratis proefcollege de gelegenheid om een indruk te krijgen van de methode ‘Reflexive Monitoring in Action’ en kennis te maken met je potentiële medecursisten, onder leiding van kerndocent en transitie-expert PJBeers (DRIFT & HAS).

Wouter Mulders's picture Lecture / presentation on Jun 23rd
Wouter Mulders, Communications Coordinator at Drift, posted

Just Sustainability Transitions Course

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Energy, food, mobility, finance – just about every global sector is expected to transform dramatically in the coming decades. So isn’t it time you create your own transition strategy?

Do you believe, like us, that sustainability and social justice are key to fundamental change? Then join ‘Just Sustainability Transitions’: a hands-on, six-month course that provides the tools and inspiration needed to facilitate change processes.

Wouter Mulders's picture Masterclass / workshop on May 4th