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AMS Scientific Conference: Reinventing the City - Blueprints for messy cities?

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Reinventing the City Conference, April 23-25, 2024, Amsterdam. The ticket sale has started! Purchase your ticket and be part of this amazing event!

Join us for the Reinventing the City conference, where we will explore sustainable urban transformations on a metropolitan scale. Scientists, policymakers, students, and industry partners will come together to share insights, inspire action, and shape the future of our cities.

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About the conference
The AMS Scientific Conference (AMS Conference) explores and discusses how cities can transform themselves to become more livable, resilient and sustainable while offering economic stability. Cities are innovation hubs, where an increasing number of people live, work, recreate, interact, and care. The urban fabric is where major transitions take place, catalyzing advancements in mobility, circularity, renewable energy, climate adaptation, urban food systems and digitization. Precisely for these reasons, our cities set the agenda for improving the livability and sustainability of our world.

Cultivating transformation
To foster improved urban environments, we need scientific and societal insights into our complex urban systems, into how natural and social processes are interconnected and reach tipping points, into the good, the bad and the ugly of our cities. We need amazing discoveries, technical and social innovations to transform the ugly, leave the bad behind and reach for the good. And most of all, we need to make the city together, because WE are the city.

Theme of this year

In this second edition of “Reinventing the City”, the overarching theme will be ‘Blueprints for messy cities? Navigating the interplay of order and complexity'. In three captivating days, we will explore ‘The good, the bad, and the ugly’ (day 1), ‘Amazing discoveries’ (day 2) and ‘We are the city’ (day 3).

Day 1: 'The good, the bad, and the ugly'
The first day of the AMS Conference primarily focuses on the messiness: the various aspects of urban development and innovation. "The good" refers to success stories and positive developments in cities. "The bad" relates to challenges and issues that cities face, and "the ugly" pertains to less attractive aspects of urban development. This theme explores how cities, both in terms of space and users, evolve in both positive and negative ways.
Day 2: 'Amazing discoveries'
The second day of the conference concentrates on pioneering research and innovations, both technical and social, in the field of urban renewal and sustainability. Here, we ask participants to present and discuss new and exciting discoveries that have a positive impact on urban areas. We focus on areas such as mobility, food, circularity, energy, climate resilience, and smart data.
Day 3: 'WE are the city'
This theme emphasizes that the people living and working in cities play an essential role in urban renewal and development. This can involve community engagement, citizen participation, public-private partnerships, and the importance of involving all stakeholders in the city. Only together can we create livable and inclusive cities.

mobility | circularity | energy transition | climate adaptation | urban food systems | digitization | diversity | inclusion | living labs | transdisciplinary research

Registration Options

  • Full Conference Access: Immerse yourself in the entire event, spanning three captivating days, each dedicated to a distinct theme:
    • Day 1: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    • Day 2: Amazing Discoveries
    • Day 3: We Are the City
  • Single-Day Access: If your schedule is tight, you can opt for a single-day pass to attend the day that interests you the most.
  • Student Access: To encourage student participation in our conference, we offer exclusive student rates. Universities often provide funding opportunities to support students in attending conferences like ours. We encourage students to explore the available funds and grants at their respective universities. It's a great way to help offset the costs of your participation. Please note that student passes are available to currently enrolled students with valid student IDs.

Conference Fees

  • Full Conference Pass: €650,-
  • Single-Day Pass: €150,-
  • Student Full Conference pass: €200,-
AMS Institute's picture Conference from Apr 23rd to Apr 25th
Naomi Vrielink, Projectmedewerker at Future City Foundation, posted

Leer van de smartcitygiganten van Europa! – Exclusieve Studiereis naar Tallinn en Helsinki

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Deze studiereis is uw kans om de meest vooruitstrevende smartcityprojecten in Europa van dichtbij te ervaren.

In juni ontdekken we de toekomst van slimme steden in Europa tijdens de studiereis naar Helsinki en Tallinn. Estland en Finland zijn de grote spelers in Europa als het gaat om de ontwikkeling van slimme steden. Ook in Nederland gaat de inzet van slimme technologie de toekomst bepalen. Hoog tijd om te leren van de experts.

Na het succes van onze eerdere studiereis met de G40 waarbij we diepgaande inzichten en innovatieve benaderingen voor slimme steden hebben ontdekt, breiden we deze unieke kans nu uit. Op veler verzoek is deze reis nu ook toegankelijk voor de gehele smartcitycommunity van Nederland en Vlaanderen. Dit is uw kans om de lessen en ervaringen van de G40-deelnemers te delen en te leren van de vooruitstrevende projecten in Tallinn en Helsinki.

Bent u benieuwd naar de geleerde lessen van deze reis? Lees dan onze blog voor meer inzichten.

In Helsinki en Tallinn bezoekt u grensverleggende projecten. We leren hoe de beide steden digitalisering inzetten om de stad leefbaarder te maken op het gebied van klimaatneutraliteit, mobiliteit en energietransitie. Hierbij geven we speciale aandacht aan de rol van de EU in het opzetten van smartcityprojecten en het benutten van Europese subsidies. 
Gaat u mee?

De studiereis naar Helsinki en Tallinn wordt georganiseerd door ELBA\REC in samenwerking met de Future City Foundation.

Heeft u nog vragen, neem dan gerust contact op met Zoë Spaaij via zoe@future-city.nl , Jan-Willem Wesselink via jan-willem@future-city.nl of Tessa van der Heiden via  t.vanderheiden@elba-rec.nl

Conference from Jun 17th to Jun 19th