AMdEX Acceleration event

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AMdEX is approaching the end of its first phase of development and is getting ready to support a select number of real life cases in their need to share data.

Please join us on Thursday, November 30th, from 14:00 to 18:00 pm at B.Amsterdam, when we reflect on the journey we’ve made and celebrate the many achievements.


You will get a hands on preview of AMdEX and have the opportunity to:

  • Learn from Bellingcat how to use publicly available data to uncover and verify information on conflicts.
  • Learn from KLM why and how competing aviation companies share data.
  • Learn from Abykys how to build a business case for your data collaboration that benefits all participants.
  • Learn from Dexes and Roseman Labs how AMdEX supports startups and SMEs

And much more to come.

Check the full programme (in Dutch) via the link below. Sign up is free, registration is required.

More information

AMdEX is a collaborative innovation effort, bridging the public and private sectors, to establish trusted methods for utilizing sensitive data through the enforcement of digital policies. Find out more about AMdEX here.