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Swedish Chamber of Commerce Webinar TechTalent - Explore how to attract, retain and manage tech talents Tuesday 20 April 2021 10.00 -11.00

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Tech Talent

Explore how to attract, retain and manage tech talents

With the acceleration in digital, the demands on technology — for
speed, flexibility, reliability, security, and value — have radically
increased. For company leaders reviewing how to transform their
organizations, one tricky question is emerging: Where do I find the
people to do all the work? Companies have to hire the best, but that
won’t be enough. They’ll also need to rethink how they reskill and
upskill their people. People are the most important factor for a
company’s growth, especially in its early stages of development. How to
find the right people and how to get a better understanding on how to
create great teams?

Dr. Cara Antoine, Managing Director Digital Transformation at IG&H
Bernie van Leeuwen, Managing Director SKF Netherlands
Rik Zuidmeer, Partner and member of the International Leadership Team of Mercuri Urval
Jeffrey Kenens, Partner TK
Moderator: Rens Goudsmit, Head of TK Tech & Attorney at law

For more information and to sign up for this webinar please follow the link.

Meet-up on Apr 20th
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#NordicTalks Sustainable Fashion Days 2020 3rd Webinar Free event

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3rd WEBINAR 30 September 2020 | 15:00 – 16:30
WE KNOW NOW.| Awareness raising

We don’t know what we don’t know. Is this however something we can still claim about the secrets of fashion business? We should wear our values – clothes that are sustainably and ethically made, providing also those who make them a decent living.
Quality over quantity. Fashion can be used as a voice of CHANGE. What do you stand for?

Raising transparency, campaigning, social justice, spotlighting solutions and
bright ideas
The environmental impact of fashion
Social impact of fashion – Sweatshops #whomademyclothes #payup
Company values and importance of purpose
Role of campaigns and advertising – using fashion as a force for good

Online event on Sep 30th
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#NordicTalks Sustainable Fashion Days 2020 2nd Webinar Free event

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2nd WEBINAR 23 September 2020 | 15:00 – 16:30
CONSUMERS TURNING GREEN. | Demand driven fashion change
Are consumers the drivers of the change in fashion? What fashion do they want? Are they willing to change the way they shop and what they buy? Are the new fashion influencers changing the narrative and mindset of masses? When and where is the tipping point and what does it mean?

What is sustainable fashion? Why we need it? Do consumers really want a sustainable fashion?
Community building and the “new cool”. Research, Influencers and front runners. Raise of secondhand/VINTAGE, leasing instead of buying
Building a clear case that sustainability, social impact and profit can go hand in hand
What to do with Influencers promoting fast fashion of Fashion Nova or About You? How to amplify voices of Sustainable fashion Influencers?

Online event on Sep 23rd
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#NordicTalks Sustainable Fashion Days 2020 1st Webinar Free event

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Welcome to #NordicTalksSFD2020 where several leading Nordic and Dutch fashion profiles will talk about sustainable fashion. Production, retail, consumer perspective as well as social and environmental aspects will be touched upon to get an overall understanding on the complexity and how we as individuals can make change happen.

1st WEBINAR 16th September 2020 | 15:00 – 16:30
GREEN FASHION. GREEN FUTURE | Is the Future of fashion Green?
With a call for sustainable fashion that is more conscious (buying less, using better materials), fair (social justice in the supply chain, livable pay) and circular (sharing/renting business models, longevity, repairing and clothes with stories), how does a sustainable fashion company look like? What do they produce, where, in what way and in what quantities? Who are their customers? Who are the producers? What materials do they use, how do they sell clothes and for how much?

Insights into the big systemic changes transforming the industry and recreating the trends. Is sustainable collection the answer? Or do we need a strategic change and new business model? How to achieve this?
Big brands, new brands. Collaboration with innovative start-ups and scaling of ideas

2nd Webinar, 23rd September 2020 | 15:00 – 16:30. – CONSUMERS TURNING GREEN.
3rd Webinar, 30th September 2020 | 15:00 – 16:30. – WE KNOW NOW.


#Nordictalks Sustainable Fashion Days 2020 is organized in collaboration with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands, Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Danish Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Norwegian Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Embassy of Sweden in The Hague, Embassy of Denmark in the Netherlands, Royal Norwegian Embassy in The Hague, Embassy of Finland in The Netherlands

Welcome to join!

For more information:

Online event on Sep 16th
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5G: the Gamechanger for Society and Industry

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5G: the Gamechanger for Society and Industry
A collaboration with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, The Swedish Embassy the Hague and Ericsson.
June 25, 14.00 – 15.00 CET
During the past year, 5G has become an even hotter topic than before. It now has become a reality. Various mobile operators have already launched 5G services, and 5G-enabled smartphones are for sale in the shops. Still, the mass adoption is yet to come. It is expected that 5G technology will be the basis for many innovative services, both in industries as well as in society.
So what does 5G mean for you, and your business processes ? In this webinar, Ericsson will explain the basic characteristics of 5G, as well as several examples of 5G in practice. Furthermore, Ericsson’s Mobility Report will be presented, which gives a broad forecast of the 5G market, and the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. The webinar will give you an opportunity to ask questions to the 5G experts, and clarify the facts from the fiction.


Everth Flores, Country Manager Ericsson the Netherlands. Everth will be setting the scene.
Jeroen Buijs, Chief Technology Officer Ericsson the Netherlands. Jeroen will talk about: What is 5G, and what does it mean for you?
Patrik Cerwall, Executive Editor of the Ericsson Mobility Report. Patrik will share the latest Ericsson Mobility Report.. Patrik will share the latest Ericsson Mobility Report.

Free seminar however, registratioin is compulsory send and email to or digital registration at

Online event on Jun 25th
Kerstin Gerlagh, General Manager , posted

Urbanisation Forum 2020

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With the Urbanisation Forum, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce is presenting a new series of annual forums aimed to bring together business people, politicians and other influential individuals who wish to share experiences, supply information on their respective areas and bring about high value networking. The theme has a specific focus on the global challenge as a direct result of the physical growth of cities

More than half of the world’s population is living in urban areas and cities are set to be the future global economic engines. As the urban areas are rapidly expanding, there are several crucial challenges that must be addressed, creating a huge demand for energy solutions and infrastructure that will connect the city and make it more inclusive and sustainable. With our first Urbanisation Forum The Swedish Chamber of Commerce aims to discuss these issues and explore the challenges of today as well as the challenges of the future. With insights from Sweco, Volvo Bus, IKEA, SPACE10 and other experts from The Swedish Delegation for Circular Economy, we will explore how urbanisation challenges are to be solved by implementing the latest innovations and technologies.

Event on Mar 10th