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Swedish Chamber Tech for Good by Ericsson at the 5G Hub Eindhoven

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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Ericsson is very pleased to invite you and your business relations to the exciting Swedish Chamber of Commerce Tech for Good – 5G Impact on Sustainability, which will be hosted by Ericsson on November 7, 2023, at the 5G Hub at High Tech Campus Eindhoven.
The digital transformation is an important enabler for companies to become more sustainable: when business processes become more efficient, companies will be able to save energy and/or reduce CO2 emissions. 5G plays a key role in the digital transformation. This is demonstrated at the 5G-Hub in Eindhoven, a joint initiative of Ericsson, Vodafone-Ziggo, Brainport Eindhoven, and High Tech Campus. The 5G hub was established to promote innovation and stimulate solutions that help improve sustainability.

This event is offered free of charge, registration is however, compulsory.

Sign up at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce website:
November 7, 2023 Tech for Good by Ericsson at the 5G Hub – Swedish Chamber of Commerce

For more information visit our website or send an email to

Meet-up on Nov 7th
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Tech Talent – A Changing Tech Landscape, New strategies to attract and maintain tech talent

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As we all know, the tech industry is changing at a fast pace. Big tech parties, including Microsoft, Meta, HP, Spotify, and Amazon, have been laying off workers by the thousands in the last months. What lies behind the wave of layoffs? Is it a correction for the exponential growth of recent years or are there other underlying factors?

Despite the recent layoffs in the tech industry human capital remains one of the most important factors for the growth of tech companies and there is still a great demand for tech talent. Employees still have the luxury to choose from offers from multiple tech companies. Employees are increasingly making decisions about their careers based on the impact and the sustainable strategy of their future employer rather than the salary or bonuses they will receive. Other relevant factors are the ability to influence the policy of the company and to create a positive impact on society and on well-being instead of merely helping the company achieve its revenue targets.

In this tech table, we have gathered tech specialists from Sweden and the Netherlands to discuss which lessons the recent development in the tech sector can be learned.  Are you as an employee a good fit for the company and is the company as an employer a good fit for you? Labor has gotten a lot more expensive, and companies have to hire the best, but is that enough?  Companies also have to rethink how they reskill and upskill their teams. People are the most important factor for a company’s growth. How to find the right people and which strategies do you need to build stronger, more innovative, and inspiring teams, How to maintain and attract new tech talent?

Conference on Mar 28th
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Women in Tech – Empowerment Leadership

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18.30 – 20.00


With Tech Table – Women in Tech on September 8, 2022, we aim to involve you in an inspiring session about Empowerment Leadership by sharing the stories of great leaders within our network. Leadership is about empowering others and creating a lasting legacy. We welcome all members, women, and men to join us to learn how to become an empowering leader at any stage of your career!

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in partnership with TK Tech,  The Swedish Embassy in the Netherlands, and the Dutch Innovation House in Sweden are very pleased to invite you to our Tech Table Women in Tech – Empowerment Leadership on September 8, 2022. At this Tech Table – Women in Tech, we are very proud to present eminent speakers from both Sweden and the Netherlands sharing their inspiring stories. Leadership is about empowering others and creating a lasting legacy. We welcome all members, women, and men to join us in this hybrid event to learn how to become an empowering leader at any stage of your career!  


The Ambassador of Sweden H.E. Mr. Johannes Oljelund – Introductory remarks
Dr. Cara Antoine, Managing Director at IG&H.
Tuva Palm, Digitalization Expert, Utopia Music AG
Dick Bisschop, Managing Director at Anticimex Nederland
Lotta Gunnarsson, Director Software Development at
<strong>Moderator:</strong> Johan F. Langelaar, Advocaat, Senior International Council at TeekensKarstens advocaten notarissen
With the Swedish Chambers Tech Table’s we aim to build on our tech network community and therefore encourage all participants to meet up live to take part in the interactive Q&A session and to share ideas and experiences. However, for those unable to join our live session a link will be provided to the hybrid version.  

Sign up today!

Meet-up on Sep 8th
Kerstin Gerlagh, General Manager , posted

#NordicTalks2022 - Food for Good

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How are the Nordic countries and the Netherlands approaching food system transition for good?

The Nordic Chamber of Commerces and the Nordic Embassies in the Netherlands are very pleased to invite you to explore with us and our experts Katja Svensson, Nordic Council of Ministers, Jolijn Zwart-van Kessel, Foodvalley NL, Einar Kleppe Holthe,
Nordic Circular Hotspot and Natural State, David Kat, Wasteless, and our
moderator Andrea Orsag, MissionC on February 10, 2022, during the week
of Circular Economy.

We will dive into topics such as:

  • The food systems transition
  • Sustainable food systems and lifestyle
  • Future of food
  • Preventing the waste and role of data to get us there

For more information and to register for this event, visit the #NordicTalks website.

Online event on Feb 10th
Kerstin Gerlagh, General Manager , posted

Mental Health at the Workplace Post Covid-19 with Mindler

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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to, together with Mindler, welcoming you to an inspiring session about mental health at the workplace post Covid-19. As restrictions are being lifted, employers are now challenged with a stressed and tired workforce on one hand and discovering new ways of working on the other.

At this event Johannes Hatem, Co-Founder of Mindler and Clinical Psychologist, will provide us with insights about these subjects:

  • Why is mental health so important?
  • How do your employees cope with the changing environment?
  • How do you create mental health awareness in your workforce?
  • What tools can you give your employees as an employer?

Moderator for the session will be Timo Spijkers, Business Development Manager Mindler the Netherlands.

After the session, the Mindler team will be pleased to invite you for some drinks and bites.

This is a free event, registration however is compulsory, see event link.

Meet-up on Oct 14th
Kerstin Gerlagh, General Manager , posted

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Women in Tech

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What are the possibilities and challenges for women tech entrepreneurs in this time of pandemic and a booming demand for tech solutions and a growing tech industry? What impact does it have on women tech entrepreneurs? How do we create diverse workplaces where women are free to fulfill their professional potential and have the equal access to resources, knowledge and networks as men?

Today, women are still challenged in their pursuit and progression within the tech sector. We understand the importance of gender equality and diversity, but how could you implement policies promoting it at your company? What is it about a company that makes it uninviting for women to apply? Why are tech women still under-represented at most companies? It doesn’t make any sense because obviously there is no difference in skills or competence. They’re out there, but how can you get them into your organization?

In this webinar we bring together experts and women leaders in the tech community for an inspiring session about diversity, inclusion, inspiration and disruption.  Welcome to join!

Speakers list:

Dr Cara Antoine, Managing Director Digital Transformation, IG&H | Global Women in Tech, The Netherlands“Where are all the Allies and Role Models needed to encourage more women into Tech?”

Ariane Bucquet-Pousette, Project Manager Start-Ups Invest Stockholm
“Female-founded startups and the initiative A Woman’s Place as well as actions for supporting startups in the corona pandemic.”

Ruth de Jager, Country Manager Netherlands Storytel
“Storytel is successfully digitising the listening and reading
experience for a younger generation. Especially young women use Storytel
on a daily basis. A diverse workforce and management team is of the
essence staying close to our subscribers.”

Indra Sharma, Author, Investor
I will share knowledge on key parameters needed to become a
successful entrepreneur and what obstacles women entrepreneurs face.
Also, share views on why diversity within entrepreneurship is essential
for equality across industries, sectors and society.”

Rens Goudsmit, Moderator, Head of TK Tech & Attorney at law, TeekensKarstens advocaten notarissen

Online event on Sep 16th