Climate Fresk Game at the Kaskantine

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After the Climate Fresk game, you will have a clear and thorough understanding of the climate problem. You will get a precise idea of the interrelated causes of climate change and the angles from which the problem should be approached. It is like the mist is clearing up around this complex problem! Even self-declared "climate responsible" people often discover after this game that they had wrong assumptions or ideas about the climate problem that in fact lead to false hopes or fears.

The 3 hours game has been developed in France. It has recently become very popular as a fast education tool, especially for companies that want to position themselves in this field together with all their employees.
The Kaskantine offers its place and platform for trainers and facilitators of the Climate Fresk to have regular sessions and train new facilitators to build this network further. You can do the Climate Fresk also in other cities in the Netherlands and online. 

This time the game is in English, next time in Dutch! #climatefresk#climatechange#education#kaskantine