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In the Dopper Changemaker Challenge, you can enter your graduation project or thesis idea to win a €5,000 grant, valuable network connections, PR support and more – and that without adding extra time to your studies! Need help with taking your plastic waste or clean water idea to the next level? Join us on 14 March to brainstorm with inspiring speakers, experts and students!

During the kickoff event, you’ll get fresh inspiration and practical tools to graduate as a changemaker! Sign up now to:

1. Hear from plastic-free and clean water changemakers
2. Learn how to pitch your idea in a clear and concise way
3. Map out the next steps of your innovative solution
4. Identify stakeholders who can support your journey
5. Collaborate with students working on similar projects
6. Mingle with Impact Hub’s Young Impactmakers community

19:00 Welcome (grab a drink)
19:30 – 21:30 Event (learn-brainstorm-discuss)
21:30 – 22:00 Drinks

All tickets are free (the snacks, too!), but don’t forget to register >

Entrepreneurs, campaigners, engineers, influencers – meet the changemakers

Need even more inspiration? Entrepreneur and Straw by Straw founder Ev Liu developed an eco-friendly alternative to the plastic straw made of natural wheat straw! City to Sea founder and environmental campaigner Natalie Fee reached 35 million people with her Refill campaign for ditching single-use water bottles. And designer Mirjam de Bruijn created the Twenty soluble cleaning products – the only 20% percent you need to buy; add 80% tap water and shake it up!

These are just three of the inspiring changemakers you’ll get to know during the Dopper Changemaker Challenge! From Amsterdam to Berlin and from London to Kathmandu, there are more than a dozen stories we can’t wait to share!

Stay tuned and send us the topic of your graduation project by 12 April >

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