Ethics and other digital dilemmas

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Our we spending more time than offline? Get off your screen and join us as we discuss ‘addiction by design’ and other digital dilemmas. Meet the experts on ethics and responsible technologies. During this event we will learn about how digital applications have evolved, how they have shaped our society, and how we can make them more humane. Don't miss this opportunity to network with fellow apps-for-good developers.

Next Thursday November 2nd, we will be discussing the bitter truths of ethics in web & app development. As a designer, coder or business developer, how can we keep our apps responsible? How can we create healthier relationships between app users (and makers)? What does our digital and social society look like in the next 15 years? The goal of this event is to showcase, discover and foster apps for good.


  • 17:00 Welcome drinks - Welcome drinks to break the ice and network a bit with fellow attendees.
  • 17:30 Opening and Welcome - Pinch / Appsterdam
  • 17:45 Kick-off Speaker - Mike Lee - Mayor of Appsterdam. Mike will be revisiting his 2013 flagship talk “Ethics Made Easy”. How does this talk still hold up ten years later? What has changed, what principles should app makers consider going forward?
  • 18:10 Ethical Expert: Douwe Schmidt - Public Tech Gemeente Amsterdam. Douwe us a co-found of the Tada - 6 values that guide the responsible use of data and the responsible design of technology in the city based on inclusivity, with control, human centric, legitimate and controlled, open and transparent & from everyone, for everyone.
  • 18:30 Food is served
  • 19:00 TDB
  • 19:20 Emiel Poot - De Jonge Strateeg & Appsterdammer - Emiel will delve into the balance between our human nature and todays digital landscape. We all have a fundamental need for social connection, but how have our instincts adapted to digital relationships, communication, and sense of belonging? Join us as we navigate the fascinating synergy between our wired brains and the virtual networks that have reshaped the very essence of human interaction.
  • 19:45 - Closing and networking drinks.