Fashion for Good: Redress Design Award 2020 Exhibition Event

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Do designers have the power to change the fashion industry? We'll be showcasing how fashion designers can be key decision makers and can truly drive positive impact by thinking (and doing) differently.

As a part of our current museum theme A CUT ABOVE, join us for the launch of our 2020 Redress Design Award exhibition at the Fashion for Good museum! The Redress Design Award is the world's largest sustainable fashion competition - with the next generation of designers applying from all over the world each year. We'll be speaking to the founder of Redress, Christina Dean on the drivers behind this competition and the opportunity for designers to provide replicable solutions to apply to fashion's waste across the world. We'll also meet Dutch Redress Design Award 2020 cycle finalist, Gönül Yigit to learn about her collection development, and the innovative Dutch fashion designer slash upcycling virtuoso Duran Lantink to hear his insights on designing fashion differently.

We're honoured to have this event moderated by former Redress Design Award judge and fashion pro Susie Lau.