Groen in de Buurt

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(english translators available on the event)
Afternoon discussion on:

How can we in the neighboorhood, Slotervaart-Zuid, work together for more green and more nature?

This afternoon Kaskantine will present an overview of what we can do with the neighborhood to foster more greenery and nature in our environment.

We would like to discuss this topic with everyone who would like to work on conditions that are needed for this and which ideas could be attractive to all residents.

There will be a number of gardeners and architects with whom we can discuss our plans and who will also contribute with their own ideas.

One of the ideas is about the future "Riekerpark"; a part of the old sports complex, that will be located in the middle of the future neighborhood and which will become a park for the entire neighborhood with recreational opportunities.

We would like stimulate self-management and greater influence of citizens in the planning of this park. So we can all have better access to essential aspects of our neighborhood, such as non-commercial recreation and meeting space, clean water, spacious and attractive green areas etc..

Afterwards we can enjoy together a soup made by Casa Sofia!

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