‘Making the smart city safe for citizens: The case of smart energy and mobility’

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On November 28th and 29th, 2018, The Open University of the Netherlands in Heerlen and the Business Intelligence & Smart Services (BISS) Institute will be hosting the international conference: Making the smart city safe for citizens: The case of smart energy and mobility'. Interdisciplinary perspectives on data ownership, data security and liability. The workshop takes place at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus, Heerlen, Netherlands.

The smart city has become the leitmotiv of urban development in the sustainability transition. It promises to reorganize the flows of resources, goods, services and people much more efficiently. However, there is a clear risk that smart cities end up selling their citizens’ data to private investors for private profit, and instead of serving sustainability and enhancing the quality of life, many smart city innovations could be used for the surveillance and manipulation of citizens. Therefore, this international conference asks: What needs to be done to make the smart city safe for its citizens?


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