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Iskander Smit, INFO at INFO, posted

TH/NGS 2023

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Join us on 15 December for our annual ThingsCon event powered by CLICKNL. Participate in interactive sessions, be inspired by the keynotes, and view the thought-provoking projects in our exhibitions. And most of all, meet each other!

True to ThingsCon mission, we focus on a theme that we feel resonates with current developments and discussions that explore and promote the development of fair, responsible, and human-centric technologies for the IoT and beyond; our current working theme is <em>‘Un</em>/i<em>ntended Consequences’</em>. Read more on our website.

Friday 15 December will be our main conference day. With a mix of: interactive sessions, inspiring keynotes, pitches from the community and an inspiring design exhibition.

  • Opening and closing keynote by Maria Luce Lupetti (TU Delft) and Bas van de Poel (Modem)
  • 12 interactive sessions in two rounds
  • Short project pitches
  • Exhibition with the best design student work and case-studies from practitioners.
  • Meet fellow participants during lunch and breaks, ending with drinks

Find more details on the program page!

Iskander Smit's picture Conference on Dec 15th
Iskander Smit, INFO at INFO, posted

ThingsCon 2022 Summer Edition

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IoT has a fluid state now; as we live and interact in an increasingly connected reality. We also see this evolving into new extremes, such as the discussions about Web3, the metaverse, and digital twins. At ThingsCon we feel the need to extend this discourse into understanding more about what is the real//real and what is virtual//real. 9 & 10 June the ThingsCon will meet again in person after two online editions in Rotterdam to exchange the latest insights and mark this new reality.

Iskander Smit's picture Conference on Jun 10th
Iskander Smit, INFO at INFO, posted

ThingsCon Amsterdam 2017

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ThingsCon is Europe’s leading conference about the future of hardware, connected devices and Internet of Things (IoT). We aim to foster the creation of human-centric & responsible IoT.

This year we are organising the 4th Dutch edition of the conference on November 30th & December 1st 2017, at the Volkshotel. We value ThingsCon as a platform for the community of designers and makers and, even more than before, we like to offer the chance to apply for a talk or session. Just like the 2016 edition of the conference, we will focus on the right mix between inspiration and in-depth sessions.

This year we have almost 30 sessions and 10 keynote speakers. Several of the sessions specifically address the topics of the future of smart cities, the role of citizens and things as citizens.

Iskander Smit's picture Event from Nov 30th to Dec 1st