Making Interactive Objects 101

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A smart city is made out of connected objects. Sometimes we buy already-made "smart" objects, but it's also possible (...and really quite easy indeed) to make them ourselves.

In this hands-on workshop we’ll quickly cover the basics of microcontrollers and then we’ll work together to create your very own interactive object. It’ll even be able to connect to the Internet!

Specifically, we’ll be focusing on making a motion-activated light component. With your learnings you’ll easily be able to take the next steps to using other real-world inputs to invoke other real-world outputs.

With your ticket (€50-) you’ll get your own electronic components set (to take home with you after the workshop) and together we’ll hook them up to your computer and program them. This includes an ESP32 microcontroller, a PIR motion sensor, LED lights and all required jumper and USB cables.

Absolute beginners are more than welcome! This workshop will involve some basic programming, and if you don’t have any experience or this sounds intimidating, rest assured that you won’t need to write any code yourself and you can simple copy paste your way to interactivity.

Note: Discounted Stadspas tickets are also available - please get in touch with me for more information on this.