No Failure No Glory

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Flevo Campus, Food Innovators and UPALMERE! are organizing this No Failure, No Glory evening.
Entrepreneurship is having courage, seizing opportunities, and above all, sticking your neck out. Mostly with success and at the same time, running the risk of making wrong decisions due to all the challenges.
Often the focus is on the successes, and we like to share those, but there is much to be learned from mistakes others have already made. That's why Flevo Campus and UPALMERE! are organizing this No Failure, No Glory evening. Let yourself be nourished and inspired by candid entrepreneurial stories.

Networking with Drinks and Bites: From 17:00 to 17:30, you can network in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy delicious snacks and drinks.

From 17:30-18:00 we start the No Failure, No Glory stories: Led by Janno Lanjouw, journalist at Flevo Campus, various entrepreneurs will share their most instructive moments of failure in sessions of 15 minutes each. Expect vulnerable, yet humorous stories about companies that struggled in the start-up phase, reacted too late to market changes, or were ahead of their time. What went wrong? And what did they learn from it and how did it make them more successful?
Q&A: After each story, you have the opportunity to ask your questions. Dive deeper into the experiences of these entrepreneurs and learn from their insights.

Wrap Up and Drinks: At 19:00, we will conclude the evening with drinks, giving you the opportunity to continue conversations, exchange ideas, and make new connections.

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