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Powering the future
Sustainable solutions for our digital dependency

Cloud computing does not take place in the sky. Gigantic data centers are popping up all around us, home to new AI services and Bitcoin mining operations that consume more energy than the entire country of the Netherlands annually. Code using Python & Java (the most popular) can use up to 45x times as much energy as other programming languages. Whether you are a programmer or user, our dependence on all this processing power is creating a new energy competition between our homes / businesses and our digital lives. What are some examples for sustainable development? Join us April 18th where we talk to industry pioneers that are developing serious solutions to solve our addiction to energy.

17:00 Welcome drinks - Welcome drinks to break the ice and network a bit with fellow attendees.
17:30 Opening and Welcome - Pinch / Appsterdam
17:35 Kick-off Speaker - Tom Moran - Technology and Sustainability Strategy Consultant. Tom has been working in sustainability for over 30 years and technology for over 20 years. Tom is going to talk about why “the cloud” is not more sustainable, carbon footprints don’t matter, net zero targets are meaningless and why you should be skeptical of the AI hype machine.
Tom will also talk about what IT people who care about the environmental impact of their work need to understand and do to make a difference.
18:15 Food is served
19:00 Luisa García Montoya - Product Manager DX at AMS-IX. Luisa is passionate about leveraging technology to drive meaningful change. Drawing from her experience interacting with a diverse array of ISPs, telecoms, cloud providers, content delivery networks, and other participants involved in the digital ecosystem, Luisa will delve into the urgency for more sustainable code. The rise of ChatGPT/AI has created significant challenges for energy consumption. Recent laws and regulations are beginning to enforce standards to counteract these challenges. What aspects will programming practices need to account for? In her talk, Luisa discusses these challenges and opportunities, sharing some hard realities and examples, such as how mutualized infrastructures and data sharing can help save energy and money while also encouraging creativity in programming.
20:00 Closing and networking drinks.