Responsible apps and other digital dilemmas

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Scrolling endlessly? Get off your screen and join us for an evening of insights and inspiration with remarkable speakers at our upcoming meetup event! Mike Lee of Stichting Appsterdam will revisit the crucial topic of ethics in app development, shedding light on principles for the future. Joris de Leeuw will share some useful techniques to avoid our constant digital distractions. Mohamed S Bah, founder of City Rights App, will share creative solutions for migrant challenges through podcasting and storytelling. Social designer Anna Noyons of (ink). social design will discuss designing products that bring out the best in people. Emiel Poot will explore the balance between human nature and the digital landscape. See you there for a night of discovery and connections!


  • 17:00 Welcome drinks - Welcome drinks to break the ice and network a bit with fellow attendees.
  • 17:30 Opening and Welcome - Pinch / Appsterdam
  • 17:45 Kick-off Speaker - Mike Lee - Mayor of Appsterdam. Mike will be revisiting his 2013 flagship talk “Ethics Made Easy”. How does this talk still hold up ten years later? What has changed, what principles should app makers consider going forward?
  • 18:10 Joris de Leeuw - focus trainer at Diep Werk Doen. With his company Diep Werk Doen Joris trains knowledge workers how to better concentrate on their work and resist the constant lure of apps, calls, email and media. His method teaches the principle of attention by design; how we can reshape our own thoughts and behaviours to become more productive and less restless and distracted. He will give a talk on a few of the most recent insights in the field of focus and productivity. Website:
  • 18:30 Mohamed Bah - City Rights App and City Rights Radio. Mohamed is the founder and host of the City Rights Radio and co-founder of the City Rights App. With his platforms he tries to find creative solutions to problems faced by migrants. Concerned with the dangers of negative stereotypes and its impact on the already marginalized community, he uses podcasting, and storytelling to reframe migrant representation in media.
  • 18:40 Food is served
  • 19:10 Anna Noyons - Anna is a social designer and the founder of (ink). social design. Anna will give a talk about designing services, products and systems that bring out the best in us, people.
  • 19:30 Emiel Poot - De Jonge Strateeg & Appsterdammer - Emiel will delve into the balance between our human nature and todays digital landscape. We all have a fundamental need for social connection, but how have our instincts adapted to digital relationships, communication, and sense of belonging? Join us as we navigate the fascinating synergy between our wired brains and the virtual networks that have reshaped the very essence of human interaction.
  • 20:00 - Closing and networking drinks.