Mobility: Sharing bicycles and more initiatives!

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One of the urban challenges of cities (and for Amsterdam) is mobility. How to provide reliable and sustainable mobility/infrastructures for citizens, employees and tourists?

A recent solution has been announced last week: sharing bicycles. At ‘De Zuidas’ in Amsterdam, the Hello Bike will be introduced in 2017. You can reserve and unlock your bike via an app on your phone. The initiator, Hello Zuidas, hopes to reduce traffic jams around the Zuidas by the ‘Hello Bike’.

Are there more examples of smart projects and products related to smart mobility? Yes, we will give you an overview of some interesting posts and projects about mobility which have been shared on our community. Do you have an interesting project or product related to mobility? Share them!

E-mobility & City Logistics

Electrical vehicles do not emit greenhouse gases and other air pollutants like NO2. The project E-mobility & City Logistics supports public and private organisations in their ambition towards zero emission transport in 2025. The project E-mobility & City Logistics aims to contribute to large scale implementation of electric vehicles for freight transport and service logistics in urban areas.

Did you know that Amsterdam has set up many goals related to electrical vehicles? For instance, in 2025, all city buses will be emissions free!

Amsterdam Practical Trial

All cars, navigation systems, traffic lights and information signs connected with each other and automatically working? In this project, innovations and new technologies are tested in Amsterdam. Amsterdam Practical Trial contributes to improve traffic flow, less congestion and a cleaner city. Which lessons did we learn?

Ship to Grid
Using green renewable energy for ships in Amsterdam. 200 shore power stations allowing ships to connect to green energy instead of on board diesel generators for their power supply, in the program Ship to Grid. Better for the water and air quality! The shore power is available through connections that use a pay-by-telephone system. With a single telephone call, the captain will be able to activate a connection with the shore power station by entering his personal code. Smart!


WeParc is a valet parking and car services company allowing consumers to book their parking in the city through our mobile app. How it works? Let one of our drivers pick up your car, park it into one of our secured lots and return it whenever, wherever. It’s easy, reliable and affordable.

Request: Participants for on-demand parcel pick up

Wuunder offers an on-demand pick-up within one hour in Amsterdam. With only a mobile phone and a pen you can ship your parcel. One (bike) courier collect the shipments and will do the hand-over to multiple carrier companies. This avoids multiple parcel delivery vans within the city. Interested? We're looking for people that enjoy giving feedback to make our service even better.