Amsterdam School of Data Science

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Amsterdam has a lot to offer everybody who would like to study in the field of Data Science. The School tries to help and give insight on all the possibilities. Amsterdam offers a lot of possibilities and the Amsterdam School of Data Science helps to figure out what fits with your needs.

What is the goal of the project?

So why study Data Science? Simple: data scientist has become one of the key careers of the century. As a data scientist, you help to gain insight into the vast amounts of data our society generates.
Currently the huge shortage of data scientists is becoming a serious constraint in many sectors. Sectors like business, energy, government, healthcare, intelligence and security, and logistics are waiting for people like you. And, since the application areas for data science are very broad, you can work in a field that sparks your own personal interest. The choice to become a data scientist is a choice for job security.
All jobs are changing because of data. In five years, it’s going to be very hard to become a manager, a radiologist or marketer without any knowledge of data science. In other words: your job prospects as a graduate are excellent, both in business and government.

Known worldwide as a hub for technology, Amsterdam boasts not only the businesses that collect big (and small) data, but also the educational institutes that teach students how to interpret and analyse it. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in a data-science field helps students navigate and excel in the increasingly data-driven business world, especially when it’s undertaken in one of the most advanced cities in Europe.

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

The project is an initiative of Amsterdam Data Science a collaboration of AUAS, CWI, UvA and VU.