Building a shared vision of the city - with LEGO!

Building the largest interactive LEGO model of the future city ever!

Imagine a model of the city; however, instead of a literal representation, this is a sculpture that holds ideas and dreams from citizens, policymakers, entrepreneurs and visitors about what the city might be like after we solve major transitional challenges (e.g. sustainability, energy, equality, smart).

What would it feel like to be in this city? What do people wish this future city to become?

the goal
A model of the city that contains the ideas that a diverse group of people have about how the city might emerge from major transitional change like climate adaptation, sustainability, equality, smart. Imagine the city from what might be and what opportunity change offers.

the form
A room-sized model built with LEGO in a public space and with interactivity (e.g. app / QR link / AR) to share the stories that this model contains.

the process
Lego is an powerful way to evoke and capture stories about how people think about something. Through a series of workshops, people from all parts of the city will be invited to share how they think about the future of the city and capture their stories in a collective model. An interactive installation opens up those stories to passers-by and other participants.

finance, organisational, tech

call to action
Get in touch if you want to contribute to the realisation of the largest LEGO city vision model ever!

Project phase

Concept phase - looking for partners

What is the goal of the project?

To build an inspirational physical model of how people envision the future of the city and turn this model into an interactive installation that opens their stories and ideas to others, inviting them to join in the build.

What is the result of the project?

A shared inspirational vision of the city from the integrated perspective of a diverse group of people that can inspire citizens, policymakers and businesses towards a common goal.

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

looking for partners (citizen, city, business, tech, cultural, financial)

What is the next step?

Proposal, team, finance, design

What can other cities learn from your project?

How to tap into collective wisdom about the future of their city from an integrated perspective and shape this into a shared model.
A work-in-progress model, built through a series of events, from multiple perspectives