Campus Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is where the world discovers new solutions for global challenges. Campus Amsterdam connects all campuses, labs and innovation districts in the Amsterdam metropolitan area, to provide entrepreneurs, researchers and students around the world with one entrance to the region's wealth of innovation, knowledge and education.

For all the local partners involved, Campus Amsterdam is a network that facilitates the exchange of knowledge and the development of new crossovers. The diversity and amount of districts combined with Amsterdam's bottom-up innovation DNA make Campus Amsterdam a unique accelerator of regional innovation.

What is the goal of the project?

  1. putting all innovation districts, hubs/labs and campusses on one map
  2. sharing knowledge
  3. facilitating cross-overs

What is the result of the project?

cross-overs, innovative solutions to global problems

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

the makers of de Knowledge Mile together with the Marineterrein and the Amsterdam Economic Board