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Urban green is good for your health. Urban green is good for social cohesion and Amsterdam’s city parks are being used more and more intensively. It is the City of Amsterdam’s responsibility to ensure that the parks remain attractive for everyone, but how? The Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) at the VU is working together with the Gemeente Amsterdam on an app that collects information about how people perceive and use urban green spaces. A pilot is being conducted in the Rembrandtpark to see how such information can inform park renovations.

An example of the first results may look like this:

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What is the goal of the project?

Measuring people's use and perception of urban green space in order to inform spatial planning processes and to maintain and improve the quality of urban green. Also test the use of an app to collect this information at specific locations in the park.

What is the result of the project?

Detailed spatial information on how people value (aspects of) urban green and how they use it. The City of Amsterdam can use this information to ensure that the availability and quality of green spaces is aligned with the preference of citizens.

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

Researchers at the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) at the VU initiated the project, part of a European project (LandSense), and collaborate with the Gemeente Amsterdam

What is the next step?

The app is now in pilot phase in the Rembrandtpark. The next step is to analyse the results, inform the Gemeente about people's perception and use of the Rembrandtpark, but also use the lessons learned to adapt the app for use in larger scale projects.

What can other cities learn from your project?

These are still to be determined...

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Vania Stonner

Hi Bep, Gaan jullie ook op een groter groen gebied zoals de bretten doen? Of kunnen jullie doen? Daar heb ik interesse.