Electronic Parking-sign

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Better and efficient use of load- and unloading zones and bus stops.

What is the goal of the project?

Goal of this electronic parking-sign is a better and efficient use of load- und unloading zones and bus stops. These locations are often longer occupied by trucks or coaches than necessary. The sign is activated when a truck stops at the zone and shows the minutes that are left for it to stay there.

The electronic parking sign comunicates a full/free message to the cloud (through the LoRa-network). Truck- or coach drivers can use this information for optimizing their route through the city.

The authorities are able to enforce more efficiently because they will get a sign when a truck or coach is in violation.

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

The City of Amsterdam, Traffic Management Department in collaboration with Glimworm.

What is the next step?

Next step is to unroll these sign throughout the city on other load- un unloading zones and bus stops.

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