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Smart Citizens are making Smart Cities by working together in solving
challenges their communities are facing. The IoT Living Lab promotes IoT interactivity in public spaces to encourage citizens and cities in testing and prototyping innovations. The new project ‘the City Innovation Exchange Lab’ extends this effective bottom-up approach globally.

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What is the goal of the project?

The goal of IoT Living Lab is to explore and experiment with IoT enabled interactive solutions, actionable open data and developer friendly platforms for upcoming IoT innovations. This stimulates the creation of new impactful solutions in the urban environment and improving peoples lives through the effective use of the Living Lab way of working. The IoT Living Lab provides consultancy services, workshops and facilitates testing to help other cites create their own IoT Living Labs globally.

What is the result of the project?

Since early 2015 we connected with hundreds of Smart Citizens during meetups, workshops, hackathons, challenges, research projects and city pilots using open IoT enabled interactive public spaces and the Living Lab way of working. This learning by doing approach resulted in important insights into the interactive technology, multiple physical prototypes and valuable solutions across industries.

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

The original project was a collaboration among several partners lead by Paul Manwaring the CTO office of the city of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam University of Applied Science and the Open Data Incubator a H2020 project which ended in early 2016. Since then the IoT Living Lab has become its own entity and continues to operate as a B.V. from the Makerversity in Amsterdam

What is the next step?

The new project - the City Innovation Exchange Lab (CITIXL) is a Public Private Partnership with the City of Amsterdam CTO office, Amsterdam Smart City, with the IoT Living Lab in the lead. The mission of CITIXL is to identify quick win innovations and implement experiments that create social impact by leveraging the power of the Crowd in Living Labs around the world.

What can other cities learn from your project?

That cities can more effectively co-create solutions with smart citizens by providing them with Open IoT infrastructure in a bottom up crowd sourced value generating ecosystem - the Open Living Lab. Real solutions to real problems can be shared with other cities and workshops can be provided to co-create an IoT Living Lab for their own community - creating the same opportunities.



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